Exploring Co-working Space at The Hub Singapore

Last Friday, 29 May 2015, I headed to an Open House at The Hub. The Hub was the second co-working space I had visited. A large group of 9 people was joining the tour that day. People from User Experience Studio, people from Hong Kong, people looking for a space and etc. It was a pleasure to meet Anne Laure, the Community and Space Manager. The tour around the co-working space was led by her as well.

“What do you think co-working space is?”

A place for people to have coffee. A community of people. Collaboration. My initial opinion is that co-working is a community whereby people collaborate, network and make new friends. Well, co-working space is a community for people to collaborate, to work together. It is not just about providing free wifi, tables or chairs. It’s more than that. When people come in, The Hub wants to know what they are looking for and what they are working on so that it can provide resources and help them to grow their business. She talked about Grace who is a co-founder of The Hub and an ecosystem builder. I did a little research to find out how The Hub starts. Basically, Grace and another co-founder, Gouri wanted to solve 2 problems.

  1. Widen Singapore’s limited definition of success.
  2. Channel an individual’s talents, experiences, and capital towards solving social and environmental problems for Singapore and the region.

Till date, The Hub is nation wise 450 members in Singapore. This is why they are the biggest community of entrepreneur of the country. Internationally, The Hub network http://www.impacthub.net/ has about 65 Hubs and 11 000 members. The Hub creates a structure inside and outside to help people to collaborate. From the outside, they provide a working space for people to do work together. While from the inside, they organize events to bring people together to learn, network and help them look for talented people or the skills they need. Such events include Start-Up Labs, Angelhack hackathons, networking sessions, and etc. They had planned a calendar of events for May.

Level 1, The Hub
Level 1, The Hub

IMG_5751  The Hub has 3 core values: trust, collaboration and courage. IMG_5758 Touring around the second floor. It was super quiet. The environment and facilities looked great. People were all busy working at their desk.

Level 2, The Hub

Hot Desking at The Hub

How desking works is that a person works at this desk today. However, he takes his stuff and decides to move to another desk the next day. The Hub has one private room specially for Frog Design. Frog Design is one of the leading designer studio in the world. People who are working on Frog Design can afford a fancy office. What they need is to be in contact with an innovative community. They come here because there are mentors and they can collaborate. The Hub had done some testing with the private room. They put up a private room and the response was good. Some of their members such as baby entrepreneur 3 years ago are now hiring people. They want to use the private room, but they still want to be at The Hub. So how? The Hub is moving to a new space in 2 months at Dhoby Ghaut. They are super excited about it!  They will have much more team rooms and permanent desk at The New Hub since it is a great demand from their members. Their ventures are growing, their needs are evolving so The Hub is growing with them.

New Space at Dhoby Ghaut in July 2015
New Floor Plan

Resources at The Hub can be found in the picture below.

Resources at The Hub

The Hub was the second co-working space I had been to. Just curious, how is The Hub different from the rest of co-working space in Singapore?

First of all, The Hub is the biggest community with a network of 65 hubs worldwide. This community is very diverse. It consists of social entrepreneurs, start ups and freelancers from different sectors in the industries.

Taken from The Hub, Impact Report http://bit.ly/1JcGUPJ

Next, The Hub does not only build a co-working community, it looks after the interest of the people, start ups and individuals. What do they need? What can The Hub do to assist them to solve their problem and help them grow?

Lastly, The Hub organizes events and workshops for people to learn the skills they need. Their corporate programmes are also a very big difference. For instance, a marketing event called Marketing Clinic was held recently. Marketing Clinic is part of The Hub Singapore’s programs which helps startups scale their businesses, accelerate growth, and boost impact. A marketing expert Neel Banerjee will provide a one to one consultancy once a month for this event. More information about Marketing Clinic can be found at http://peatix.com/event/88572. Other than Marketing Clinic, it also organizes DBS bootcamp, inspirational learning tour, coaching & mentoring program as well as pact incubator.

Programs at The Hub

Overall, the tour was an eye opener for me. It had reshaped my original perspective towards co-working. When people are put together in a community, it is interesting to see what they can do. Perhaps coming up with new idea, creative innovation or product. The next Steve Jobs maybe? Want take a tour around The Hub too? The Hub Open House is open on every Wednesday 11 30 SGT and Friday 16 00 SGT. Register here.

Check out more information about The Hub below.


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